About Carien

Hello, my name is Carien Timmerman and I would like myself to introduce to you.

I have been a real estate agent since 2008. However, I was not in real estate before, since I studied public policy at the University of Twente and was specialized in Finance.

While working at a financial department of the government, my husband was offered a job in Shanghai, so we moved to China in 1996. We lived there for almost three years as expats, which was a huge experience since there were not many foreigners in China at that time. The government didn't allow me to get a job, so I studied the Chinese language (Mandarin) and was busy with organizing events for the Dutch Club that was just starting up at that time (now they have about 800 members!).

After living in Shanghai, we moved to San Diego (California, USA), because my husband started working in Tijuana (Mexico), which was close tot the Mexican-USA-border. We lived there for almost four years and loved it! In 2002 we returned 'home' with our three children (in the ages of 5, 3 and 1). Our oldest one was almost turning six, so we thought it would be nice if she would start Dutch education. 

We moved to Beuningen, a town with about 18.000 inhabitants and situated close to the city of Nijmegen, and we are still living in Beuningen!

After we came back, I decided to do something very different from what I had studied; become a certified real estate agent! After my studies I started working as a real estate agent and worked for two big offices in Beuningen. I am so happy that I made the switch because I love my job! Every person is unique and so is every home; i love to help my clients on their way to find their new home.

In 2015 I started my own real-estate, called Carien Makelaardij (Carien Real Estate) , which is focused on the buying, selling and financial rating of houses.

I chose the name Carien Makelaardij because the most important characteristic of my company is 'the personal approach': I will always try to pay as much attention to my clients as possible and to be as valuable as I can.

Let me know if I can serve you. I am looking forward to meet you!