Mode of operation

Carien Makelaardij  is able to estimate the value of your house when it is located within 20 kilometers of his domocile. This is a national rule that has been set up to be sure that an appraisal officer is specialized in his or her own territory.


The domicile of Carien Makelaardij is; 

      Kleidonk 14, 6641 LN, Beuningen 



 If the house is situated in my working-area, we are able to start the process.


  • You can contact Carien Makelaardij by the contacting form or by email.

  • I will call or mail you within 24 hours to set up an appointment.
    If the object is a house that you are planning to buy, I will get in touch with the real estate agent of the house to set up an appointment. Of course, I will let you know when the valuation will take place.

  • The valuating will take place as soon as possible.  I will alway try to do this within two working-days after the first contact-moment.

  • Within three workings-days after the valuation, I will send the report to you by mail.