The broker can negotiate with several candidates simultaneously, but he/she has to reveal this to all parties.

The real estate agent wil always determine the asking price together with the seller(s) of the property. 

You are in negotiation when the  seller responds to your offer. That means that you are not negotiating when the real estate agent tells you that he/she will talk about this offer with his clients (sellers).


When buyer and seller have an agreement about the selling of the house (price, date, resolutive conditions), the real estate agent will make up a purchase agreement which has to be signed by both parties. After the buying party has received the signed agreement, he/she will have three days for consideration. After these three days, the home will be 'sold' (mostly under resolutive conditions like the financial issues).

No, the  highest courtthe Supreme Court, has determined that the asking price of a property is an invitation  to make an offerThe seller will decide if he or she will accept the offer or not and may even decide to increase the asking price during negotiations.

Wanneer u extra geld wenst te lenen voor uw woning, dient u dit bedrag af te lossen binnen 360 maanden (3 jaren). Dit betekent dat er een lineaire of annuïtaire hypotheek moet worden afgesloten. (Deze regel geldt sinds 1 januari 2013).

For an existing house, the loan in 2015 can be to a maximum of 103% of the market-price (under normal conditions). In the coming years this percentages will go down to 100% in 2018.

Kosten koper (k.k.) means 'buyer's costs'. These are the costs that have to be paid by the buyer for transferring the house. The 'buyers costs' is about 10of the purchase price.
Included in this k.k. are:

-       Transfer Tax;
-       Notary fees for drafting the  deed of transfer;
-       Land Registry Fees for registration deed of transfer.

In addition to these costs, the buyer must  also take account of:

- Notary fees for drafting the  mortgage;
- Land Registry Fees  for  mortgage  registration.

The commission for the real estate agent is not included. 

If  the  broker says that he/she is 'onder bod', it means that he/she is negotiating with a serious potential buyer.
During  the three-day consideration-time, the buyer can still undo the agreement without giving a specific reason. It this will be the case, the real-estate agent has to be contacted by the buyer before midnight of the last of day of this consideration-period.


No, the k.k. (buyers costs) are not included in the k.k. A seller has to pay the real estate agent for the selling of the house, while a buyer has to pay his/her real estate agent when he is hiring a real estate agent for the buying of a specific house.

When buying  a new house, an option is often used. It means that a potential buyer is getting a bit more time to make the decision about buying. Other parties will have to wait.

For an existing house, an option is seldom used. It will always be the decision of the seller and the selling real estate agent, if an option will be given.